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Desire To Know

Just sitting at home and have a sudden desire to learn about a certain topic? Maybe its health, nutrition, lifestyle, sports, or the environment.

Climate Change and Environment

Our blog will keep you up to date with the latest environment, global warming, oil, solar energy and wind energy research. Desire To Know will bring you a balanced review of issues and challenges.

Richard Feynman defined science as a ‘belief in the ignorance of experts.’

Healthy Lifestyle

Check out our section, dealing with living a healthy lifestyle. We have some great diet, nutrition, weight loss, body building and healthy eating articles by Amy Parker, Lee Coyne, Gary Matthews and various authors.

Amy Parker

Amy Parker is a Registered Dietitian who regularly writes food and nutrition articles. She currently specializes in prenatal nutrition and is passionate about helping her clients have the healthiest babies possible.

Her other areas of interest include weight loss, childhood obesity and healthy food that tastes good too!

Dr. L. Lee Coyne, the Healthy Professor

Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D is a former Professor of exercise physiology and nutrition and the nutrition coach to many high performance athletes including several Canadian Olympic teams. Tanya Dubnicoff, Olympic cyclist, Michelle Morton, Olympic speed skater, several Olympic Biathletes, skiers and hockey players, Jamie Clarke, Everest Summiteers and Neil Runions - 2 time finisher of the Badwater 135 Mile ultramarathon.

His writing appears regularly in a bi-monthly health and fitness magazine "Impact" and monthly in "Elements Fitness & Nutrition" - Oklahma City. His books include "Fat Won't Make You Fat", "The Sports Nutrition Coaches Handbook" & "Nutritional Symptomatology, the consumers handbook". His most recent release is "The Little Book of Nutrition Nuggets". He is the President of Lean Seekers International and he is the nutrition coach for the endurance program "Critical Speed".

"All men by nature desire to know." -- Aristotle
Noun: desire to know - curiosity that motivates investigation and study.




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