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Refuel at Four

It's four o'clock, school's out, but there are still two hours before dinner. In this stretch of time it's important to think about nutrition, especially for kids who participate in after-school activities. Many kids need to refuel at four - to keep their energy up until dinnertime. Selecting a snack that will help maintain their energy levels without filling them up can be a challenge.

"Choosing a mid-afternoon snack shouldn't be daunting," says Kerri Seigel, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant. "Enjoying a snack with the right balance of nutrients such as So Good soy beverages can help sustain energy levels and mental alertness throughout the day."

Following are some simple tips to keep in mind when packing a snack for kids:

Think nutritious

Make nutrition a priority. Select items that offer vitamins, minerals and protein, such as fruit or nuts.

Look for snacks that will sustain energy

Avoid sugary snacks and opt for items that will keep energy levels on an even keel, such as whole wheat crackers or an apple.

Get it to go

Buying items, such as a granola bar that can last all day in your child's locker or backpack, and that can be eaten while on the way to dance or soccer practice are ideal.


Snacks should tantalize taste buds and offer variety. Beverages that are available in different flavours such as So Good single serves are a great choice.

The next time your child reaches for an after-school snack, make sure it's something nutritious. By stocking up on healthy, grab-and-go snacks you can help ensure your child's nutrition extends well beyond lunchtime.



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