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Health and Nutrition

Healthy eating is more than just diets and losing weight. It includes exercise and fitness, healthy food choices and portion sizes, and eating the right snacks.

  • Afternoon Snacks - Many kids need to refuel at four - to keep their energy up until dinnertime.
  • Baby Nutrition - Every new mom wants the best for her baby and knowing what nutrients your baby needs is an important part of parenthood.
  • Carbohydrates - To “carb” or not to “carb” – is that the question?
  • Carbohydrates Ruining Your Health? - The low carbohydrate craze ebbs and flows as many fad diets do, but the attention brought to limiting carbohydrate consumption hasn’t been all bad.
  • Exercise Tips for Success - Doctors have told us for years that exercise can help us lose weight, look better, feel better, and even sleep better.
  • Lose Weight in Ten Simple Steps - Nobody here is suggesting that losing weight is an overnight thing that doesn’t entail any hard work.
  • Lunchbox Ideas - Are you running low on creative lunch box ideas for your child?
  • Lunch Nutrition - Packing a nutritious lunch not only ensures our kids refuel for an afternoon of learning, it is also a good way to help establish healthy eating habits.

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