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Lose Weight in 10 Easy Steps

Lose Weight in Ten Simple Steps

Nobody here is suggesting that losing weight is an overnight thing that doesn’t entail any hard work. Nevertheless, following below are ten steps that are easy to accomplish and are proven to aid weight loss. Incorporating these weight loss tips into your life will help you get onto the right track to a slimmer you!

  1. Add water – Everyone knows the importance of water in our day-to-day lives and that we should endeavor to drink 8 glasses a day. Occasionally, feeling dehydrated can be mistaken for hunger, so we have a snack when all we really need is a drink of water. When you feel hungry have a glass of water, this will cut down your daily calorie intake and subsequently help you slim down.
  2. Try a weight loss tea blend – There are special blends of tea on the market that can actually help you lose weight. These tea blends usually consist of teas such as  green tea, oolong tea, and others. Weight loss tea can be especially useful of you already drink a lot of tea.
  3. Little and often – Most of us have been brought up as a child to eat three hearty meals a day. Actually, it is much more advantageous to eat smaller portions during the day when losing weight. A great weight loss tip is to consume 4-5 small, healthy meals a day which will enhance the metabolism and burn calories quicker.
  4. Ditch the junk- Undoubtedly, you will at some point crave a high calorie, fattening treat. However appealing this might be, it will be detrimental to all your hard work you have previously achieved. When you get these feelings, put off eating anything calorific for 15 minutes with a pledge to allow yourself the treat after this time limit. You will be astonished to find that when the 15 minutes is up, the sensation has vanished and you will not feel the need to eat any more.
  5. The early bird catches the worm- Aim to exercise in the morning ahead of breakfast. This will kick-start the metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.
  6. A large meal needs to be eaten early- One of the best weight loss tips is to eat a large meal earlier on in the day. The majority of people eat their biggest meal at night which is not ideal when losing weight. If you must eat a large meal, aim to consume it in the afternoon or early evening. This will give it time to digest it and allow you to burn off a number of calories.
  7. Do not deny yourself- We all have a weakness for some foods that aren’t healthy. If we deny ourselves all foods we enjoy we will eventually fail and give in disastrously. To stop this from happening treat yourself once a week to what you fancy, but remember not to be gluttonous as just a small amount will satisfy you.
  8. Get fit- Try and accomplish 20 minutes of exercise everyday and an hour a week of a high impact workout. A good balance of cardio and strength-based exercise will boost your fitness levels; build lean muscle and burn calories efficiently.
  9. Keep exercise routines balanced- Some women can build muscle mass quiet swiftly and with too much weight bearing exercise can begin to look quite muscular. To obtain a more womanly shape, endeavor to mix up your fitness routines with a good balance of strength training and aerobic exercise.

    Males are generally more muscular then women and therefore this isn’t too much of a problem for them. Nevertheless, it is still vital for male slimmers to integrate cardio exercise into their training to gain the maximum benefits of fat burning from exercise.
  10. Quitting is for quitters! - If you slip up one day, don’t worry! Your only human and sticking to new lifestyle changes can be tough but worth it in the end.
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Linda Moore

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