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To “carb” or not to “carb” – is that the question?


(NC)—Cutting out the carbohydrates from one's diet has become a popular way to drop pounds. Every body is different. Some people do very well on low or no carb diets, while others feel exhausted, deprived and suffer constant cravings for their favorite carbs.

Your health and physical and mental energy depend on conversion of foods to blood sugar. Carbs convert more quickly than proteins and fats, and simple sugars are the fastest, but if you eat more than your body needs for energy and "building material", excess will be converted to stored fat. Simple sugars give you a fast "high" but, if eaten too often, wreak havoc with blood sugar levels, causing a "blood sugar roller coaster" that can lead to pre-diabetic symptoms ( explains the blood sugar roller coaster). If you suffer from food cravings a no carb diet probably won't work for you.


Dr. Michael Lyon of the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine has done extensive research on hunger, obesity and appetite. He explains, "If you're always hungry you can't succeed with any restrictive diet. We found that highly soluble fibers, blended together into a matrix called PGX, slow the digestion of all foods you eat, improving blood sugar balance and providing a real feeling of fullness to help control appetite and cravings. PGX is not a diet. It's a natural supplement that allows you to eat less, while eating most of the foods you like. You just won't eat as much and you won't be fighting your own body's powerful hunger mechanisms either."

To "carb" or not to "carb"? Eat a variety of foods to protect your health, and work with your health practitioner to find a weight management approach you can live with.


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