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Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.

Dr. L. Lee CoyneDr. Coyne is a former Professor of exercise physiology and nutrition and the nutrition coach to many high performance athletes including several Canadian Olympic teams. (Tanya Dubnicoff, Olympic cyclist, Michelle Morton, Olympic speed skater, several Olympic Biathletes, skiers and hockey players, Jamie Clarke, Everest Summiteers) and successful "Empty Quarter" desert expedition leader.

His writing appears regularly in the Fit Start insert of the Calgary Sun and a bi-monthly health and fitness magazine “Impact”.

His books include “Fat Won’t Make You Fat”, “The Sports Nutrition Coaches Handbook” & “Nutritional Symptomatology, the consumers handbook” are accompanied by computer software programs designed to analyze the nutritional needs of clients based on client reported symptoms.

The nutritional symptomology software programs are extensively used throughout North America, Australia and Malaysia. These symptom oriented programs lead Dr. Coyne to be in great demand to teach Health practitioners the most effective ways to use computerized information along with his books. His most recent release is “The Little Book of Nutrition Nuggets”.

You may contact Lee through Fish Creek Publishing at 1-800-668-4042 or by e-mail or visit Dr. Coyne's website to purchase books, online nutrition coaching and online nutritional symptomology analysis "Lean Seekers Nutritional Coaching Program".

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  • About Muscle - structural and functional nature of muscle. The “micro-anatomy” and the physiology of muscle is a fascinating study.
  • Carbohydrate Loading - Carbohydrate loading or Glycogen loading is a concept derived from research published in Sweden.
  • Muscle Recovery - Research over the last 10 years has demonstrated the benefits of becoming “active” in post-exercise nutritional choices to optimize muscle recovery.
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