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Desire to Know
Dr. Jane Goodall

Canada Pipelines Bad

| Modified 14 Feb, 2016 | Views 1533

Over the last 5 years, US has added the equivalent of nearly 14 Keystone XL pipelines to its pipeline network.

When it comes to pipelines, why is Canada the only bad guy?

Over the last five years, the United States has added the equivalent of nearly 14 Keystone XL pipelines to its pipeline network.

US has built roughly 19,200 kilometres of new pipelines since 2010, or almost 14 times the length of TransCanada’s 1,400-km Keystone XL project. The additional capacity brings the total pipeline mileage in the continental United States to more than 106,000 kilometres, which means the Keystone XL proposes to add a whopping 1.3% of additional capacity.

Follow the Money

$75 million has found its way into the coffers of environmental activist groups that oppose Canadian energy exports for the express purpose of demonizing Canadian oil along with anything proposing to move it.

American mega charities have pumped dozens of one-time payments to organizations opposing anything that seeks to move Canadian energy.

Meanwhile, Obama has pledged $18 billion to build a pipeline in Kenya that mirrors all the stumbling blocks his administration has cited against Keystone. 2

Raw Sewage

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, mere weeks after approving an 8-billion-litre raw sewage dump into the St. Lawrence River, rejecting the Energy East pipeline on the basis of negative environmental impact. Canada flushes some 200 billion liters of raw sewage directly into natural waterways every year, from the St. Lawrence River to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean. 3

Supertankers in the St Lawrence

Large oil tankers traversing the often tricky currents and narrow and shallow sections of the St Lawrence are not new.

The large ships arrive far up the river to a giant tank-farm transfer operation near the city of Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. Here they offload light crude from abroad destined for the Canadian market.

The “Minerva Gloria”, the largest oil tanker ever seen on the river arrived to load up on some 150-thousand tons of heavy crude which has been arriving by rail from western Canada’s oil sands in Alberta. 4


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