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Desire to Know
Dr. Jane Goodall

Trudeau to make Ontario energy fiasco national

| Modified 21 Feb, 2016 | Views 1405

Alternative energy has raised power rates for consumers by nearly 90% in the past six years.

He is clearly taking his lead from the Ontario Liberals who, since 2010, have spent north of $20 billion in the naive belief that all that’s needed to replace Ontario’s coal, oil and natural gas energy with wind, solar and biofuel is government action (and truckloads of taxpayer money).

Worst of all, the provincial Liberals’ bull-headed determination to plow ahead with their alternative energy dreams has raised power rates for consumers by nearly 90% in the past six years.

Since 2010, peak-hour rates have skyrocketed from 9.3 cents per kilowatt hour to 17.5 c/kWh, an increase of 88%.

In Alberta, the cost of a kilowatt hour has gone from about 7.1 cents in 2010 to 7.9 cents now (about 11%) – and all without billions in added cost to taxpayers.

The Ontario Liberals’ most expensive alternative energy fantasy has been wind turbines. Ontario gets only about 4% of its power from wind, but turbine generation contributes 20% to overall electricity costs.

Ontario often produces too much power – power that it has to sell to neighbouring states below cost. So some Ontario manufacturers have taken their operations (and jobs) to bordering states where they are getting cheap power subsidized by Ontario consumers and taxpayers.


Toronto Sun 





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