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Desire to Know
Dr. Jane Goodall

No warming for 15 years

| Modified 6 Sep, 2016 | Views 1264

They have wasted Trillions of dollars trying to combat GHGs, accomplishing nothing other than making energy more expensive.

The Earth has not warmed for 15 years

It has been a tough week for the doomsday climate change people. The United Nations panel on climate change, which for several years predicted disastrous consequences for the planet and it’s people if we didn’t change our ways, released a report which shows the Earth has not warmed for 15 years.

Many countries, including the USA, Germany and many others tried to get the panel not to include this fact as it exposes their gullibility to the Gore, Suzuki and other environmental parasites. They have wasted Trillions of dollars trying to combat GHGs, accomplishing nothing other than making energy more expensive.

Man produces an insignificant amount of CO2 compared to nature. The volcano in Iceland, in four days, negated every effort man has made to reduce CO2 for the past five years. Mount Pinatubo put more CO2 into the atmosphere than mankind has in its entire history. There are currently 200 active volcanos on Earth.

You may have heard the statement that people like me are climate change deniers and that 97% of scientists believe in global warming. This figure resulted from an online survey done by two researchers who surveyed 10,257 scientists, 3,146 responded, they disqualified all but 77 of them. Of the 77 they kept, 75 thought man was responsible for Global warming, the researchers then concluded that 97% of scientists believed that man was responsible for GW. Governments were willing or unwillingly coerced in foolish and expensive ways to combat GHGs by being told they shouldn’t argue with science.

It is interesting that as President Obama places carbon taxes on coal fired power plants in the hope of putting them out of business, the USA exports of coal overseas has skyrocketed. The coal is largely going to countries that embraced the Green Revolution and have since found out that solar, wind and ethanol are too expensive and unreliable and are quietly returning to coal.

Nuclear  and natural gas are the cleanest and most reliable form of energy today, but face opposition from many environmental groups. They want the world to rely on wind and solar which are the most expensive and unreliable forms of energy which Ontario is discovering to its chagrin.

I have no problem with those who want to rely on wind or solar as long as they turn anything electrical off when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine.

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